RyanAir Black Friday sale promotion

Observations: Week 4

  1. Ireland may not celebrate Thanksgiving, but it sure does love Black Friday. Sales have been going on all week. Yesterday, Ryanair had one-way flights to Belgium, France, and the UK in January for €5. €5! The tram from Edinburgh Airport to Edinburgh city center costs more than that!
  2. Many buildings here require you to press a button to open the door when exiting (not really in restaurants and shops, moreso in apartment and office buildings). We’ve gotten the hang of this and are walking into doors less often now.
  3. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the bread here and how we have to keep it in the freezer. Dairy products have shorter shelf lives and spoil much more quickly than back home. We’ve found the expiration dates are spot on.
  4. Bathrooms here don’t have electrical sockets. Apparently it’s a safety regulation. Steve’s electric shaver sits on his nightstand, and I’m going to have to start drying my hair in the bedroom when my hair dryer arrives next week. 🙂

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