Observations: Week 2

  1. We’re used to getting great deals when buying things in bulk. Not here. Smaller-count items are often cheaper, so it’s worth looking at the unit price when shopping. Guess that’s why Costco doesn’t exist here.
  2. The love for crisps in the British Isles is like none other. I like how at the grocery checkout area, a wide range of snack-size bags of crisps are arranged (in the States, it’s usually just candy and gum). #cheeseandonion
  3. We’ve done two loads of laundry in the new apartment. It’s still really bizarre having a washing machine right next to the oven.
  4. It’s even more bizarre having a washer that’s also a dryer. (Spoiler: Having a separate dryer is SO much better.)
  5. OK, Halloween’s over. Time to break out all of the Christmas decorations IMMEDIATELY.

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