Observations: Week 1

  1. Drivers really do not want to brake for pedestrians. Cross at your own risk.
  2. It really doesn’t rain here much. In fact, we absolutely love this weather. It’s perfect for strolling. 50s everyday, yay!
  3. None of the doors stay open.
  4. On that note, door stoppers are a hot item here. Be prepared to visit several home/hardware stores to find one that actually has them in stock.
  5. Sliced bread products have really short lifespans. The freezer will quickly become your best friend.
  6. They don’t have seltzer products like Polar or La Croix here, which makes us really sad. The flavored sparkling water beverages here have these weird sweeteners added to them, imparting a weird, unnatural aftertaste. Ick.
  7. Fireworks are a huge deal here on Halloween (see video below).

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