Thanks for visiting STAK in Ireland!

So, what is “STAK”? It literally represents us, Stephen and Alyssa. It’s our initials combined and in fact, we’ve used it in a couple of hashtags during our recent travels (check out #STAKinLondon and #STAKinAustria on Instagram!).

We’re a married American couple, together for a total of eight years. In that time, we’ve lived in Queens, N.Y.; Seattle, Wash.; and Somerville, Mass. On October 19, 2017, we boarded a red-eye flight from Boston to Dublin to begin our new adventures on the Emerald Isle, where Steve will work out of his employer’s European headquarters.

Steve is a network engineer for a software company. Alyssa is a journalist, writer, and creator of Eats Abroad (and will be penning most of the posts here!).

We hope this blog will be both fun and informative for our readers. We found expat blogs useful as we prepared for our move here, and we hope to add to the conversation by providing some helpful tips and observations to those who are (thinking of) starting a new chapter of their lives overseas!