• Thanksgiving dinner at Token Dublin
    dublin dishes

    Dublin Dishes: Thanksgiving at Token

    Dublin Dishes explores our dining experiences throughout the city. Who would have thought that a retro arcade/bar in Dublin would serve an impeccable three-course Thanksgiving dinner? Token was booked solid tonight, and we were lucky enough to snag the last two seats for the evening. We already loved Token for its games, having spent this past Saturday night there. Now we had pretty high expectations for the grub since Food Awards Ireland recently crowned Token as Dublin’s Best Restaurant of the Year. Tonight’s menu was devised by Irish chef Shane Guilmartin, who we were told had never cooked an American-style Thanksgiving dinner before. Well, he could have fooled us. He…

  • RyanAir Black Friday sale promotion

    Observations: Week 4

    Ireland may not celebrate Thanksgiving, but it sure does love Black Friday. Sales have been going on all week. Yesterday, Ryanair had one-way flights to Belgium, France, and the UK in January for €5. €5! The tram from Edinburgh Airport to Edinburgh city center costs more than that! Many buildings here require you to press a button to open the door when exiting (not really in restaurants and shops, moreso in apartment and office buildings). We’ve gotten the hang of this and are walking into doors less often now. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the bread here and how we have to keep it in the freezer. Dairy…

  • Lucky Charms sold in Dublin, Ireland

    WTF?: Lucky Charms

    WTF? is a blog series where we look at the processes and events that have made us say “WTF?” during our time in Dublin.  Look what we found at our local Fresh store! It appears we struck gold since Cillian Murphy said Lucky Charms didn’t exist in Ireland: But sorry, we’re not paying €9,95!

  • Kilkenny Castle

    Explore: Kilkenny, Ireland

    The other night, I grabbed dinner at Bunsen and happened to sit next to a tourist from Chicago. He had been traveling all over Ireland the past week and was telling me how Kilkenny was one of his favorite spots. Intrigued, I did some research when I got home. Realizing how close it was to Dublin, it seemed like the perfect day trip destination. Kilkenny is a medieval town, set about 130 kilometers south of Dublin. Roughly 25,000 people live there, but with a castle dating back to 1195, Ireland’s oldest brewery, and one of Ireland’s two climbable round towers, Kilkenny has become a bonafide tourist destination. When we arrived in…

  • Peppa Pig plasters
    word of the day

    Word of the Day: Plasters

    When we were in Dublin back in May, Steve needed a BandAid. He asked the hotel receptionist if one could be brought up to the room, and she had no idea what he was talking about. He then said “bandage” which the receptionist understood, but the non-adhesive, stretchy, fabric type was sent up. We learned then that we should have asked for a “plaster”!

  • advice

    The Joys of Renting in Dublin

    Two days after we arrived, we signed a yearlong lease for our 1-bedroom apartment in Smithfield (Dublin 7). After all the horror stories I had read about Dublin’s rental crisis (lack of good, affordable apartments; viewings with queues out the door), we were so incredibly relieved to have found an apartment we liked so quickly. We beat out five other interested parties, and our landlord told us we really lucked out in finding a place so soon. If you plan on moving to Dublin and are responsible for finding your own housing, I suggest starting researching ASAP. Having said that, don’t be hasty and agree to a lease or wire…

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    Observations: Week 2

    We’re used to getting great deals when buying things in bulk. Not here. Smaller-count items are often cheaper, so it’s worth looking at the unit price when shopping. Guess that’s why Costco doesn’t exist here. The love for crisps in the British Isles is like none other. I like how at the grocery checkout area, a wide range of snack-size bags of crisps are arranged (in the States, it’s usually just candy and gum). #cheeseandonion We’ve done two loads of laundry in the new apartment. It’s still really bizarre having a washing machine right next to the oven. It’s even more bizarre having a washer that’s also a dryer. (Spoiler: Having a…

  • Foie gras pavé with plum, pistachio, and rose at Forest & Marcy
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    Dublin Dishes: Forest & Marcy

    Dublin Dishes explores our dining experiences throughout the city.  To celebrate our third wedding anniversary yesterday, Steve made dinner reservations at Forest & Marcy in Dublin 4. I had previously interviewed the owners, John and Sandy Wyer, for Eats Abroad, and critics have been raving about this cozy wine bar and kitchen since its opening in 2016. The food was, in a word, impeccable. Plates are available a la carte or you can go for a five-course chef’s tasting menu; we opted for the latter. It was so much food; we were surprised to receive nearly every item on the a la carte menu. Funny enough, the starters stole the…