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    WTF?: Opening a Bank Account

    WTF? is a blog series where we look at the processes and events that have made us say “WTF?” during our time in Dublin.    On our third full day here, we opened a checking account (or “current account,” as they say here). I don’t know how difficult it is for a foreigner to open a bank account in the States, but here in Ireland, it sure can be a doozy. Essentially, proof of address in Ireland is required to open a bank account. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Work permits aren’t valid proof, nor is a signed apartment lease (we tried unsuccessfully with both of these).…

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    “We’re home,” I whispered to my husband with an excited grin as our plane bounced and skidded on the runway at Dublin Airport. He smiled and groggily nodded, exhausted from our 6-hour red-eye flight. This journey marked our third major move since we got engaged in 2013. The first two were cross-country (NYC to Seattle, Seattle to Boston) and with both relocations, it hit us pretty quickly that we were off to a new destination. But for whatever reason—even though we were moving to a new country, a new continent—reality wasn’t really sinking in this time. Not at all. Maybe it was because we had a whirlwind last couple of weeks…